Friday, February 9, 2007

New toy today.

Heh got a new toy today.

The N70 after a year of abuses is slowly starting to act up here and there.

Decided it was time to get a new phone, originally thought of getting the Sony Ericsson P990i but at close to AU$1800 for the handset, the budget just doesn't stretch that far.

So what did I get instead?

Decided that the phone must have 3G capability and at least a 2MP camera like the N70 and it must not be made by a Korean company.

Finally after some testing around, decided to take the N80 for the sole reason that it exceeded the specifications that I wanted and it also had the WiFi capability, not that I was after that capability though :P

Opted for the black as been having the silver for the N70 and thought it was time to get away from silver stuff for a while.

So far nothing to be disappointed with it, reception is good, the data is quite fast. But sadly trying for any WiFi hotspots is not the easiest thing in the world around Hobart.

Anyhow the phone works well.

What am I going to do with the N70, well it is not yet condemned so I reckon it must still worth a few pennies here and there.

Will see what happens when I head back to KL.. more than likely will just give it to Dana and let her use it.

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