Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Foul mood whole day today

Been in a foul mood whole day today.

Early in the morning had my slumber disturbed by an emergency call at work. You guessed it my week off was cut short and was called back to work.

Some processes had changed and there seemed to be quite a few new faces.

At work I found someone had nicked by boots and had to wear a leaky pair today, I hate it when my feet get wet. Lots of walking and running around today. Damn speaking of feet, I really wish could go for a reflexology session, which brings me to the next point of foul mood.

Being dead tired and since I had a pay pack in the bank account, I decided it was time to go waste money. So I book a reflexology session at the only Thai massage place. Specifically told them I wanted it at 5pm as 7pm I had a dinner appointment.

Show up at 4:55pm and they can't find my booking. Then am told I have to wait 30 minutes, so off I go to have a quick drink while waiting for the 30 mins to pass. Guess what? 30 minutes goes by and they tell me there is no staff to do it. I told them forget it I will just go without.

At a few minutes before 6, I am already sitting at Ball and Chain waiting to order and I get a call. The person who took my reservation is asking me why I had not bothered to show up for an appointment. Man I tell you was I livid. I gave her and her manager a piece of my mind and only to realize that nearly the whole restaurant had gone silent......whoa.

Thankfully my steak arrived and damn it was good.

Upon returning home, I find the carpets of the entire house soaking wet and wettest point was in my bedroom. I was wondering what the hell happened because in my room even my photos hung on the wall got wet.

Turned out there was 2 sources of leakages, first leakage was the washing machine, the washer drainage system was buggered and the water somehow or rather was not going down. The entire floor was wet. That also caused some of my books to get buggered.

Then the other part was the rain has exposed a leaky roof due to the horrendous wind storms we been having. Damn all my pictures are gone. Thankfully the laptop was not in the room or that too would have gone. Even my bed is all wet.......sigh.

Today will have to sleep somewhere else till my bed dries out, they better fix this stuff up.

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