Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Foul mood whole day today

Been in a foul mood whole day today.

Early in the morning had my slumber disturbed by an emergency call at work. You guessed it my week off was cut short and was called back to work.

Some processes had changed and there seemed to be quite a few new faces.

At work I found someone had nicked by boots and had to wear a leaky pair today, I hate it when my feet get wet. Lots of walking and running around today. Damn speaking of feet, I really wish could go for a reflexology session, which brings me to the next point of foul mood.

Being dead tired and since I had a pay pack in the bank account, I decided it was time to go waste money. So I book a reflexology session at the only Thai massage place. Specifically told them I wanted it at 5pm as 7pm I had a dinner appointment.

Show up at 4:55pm and they can't find my booking. Then am told I have to wait 30 minutes, so off I go to have a quick drink while waiting for the 30 mins to pass. Guess what? 30 minutes goes by and they tell me there is no staff to do it. I told them forget it I will just go without.

At a few minutes before 6, I am already sitting at Ball and Chain waiting to order and I get a call. The person who took my reservation is asking me why I had not bothered to show up for an appointment. Man I tell you was I livid. I gave her and her manager a piece of my mind and only to realize that nearly the whole restaurant had gone silent......whoa.

Thankfully my steak arrived and damn it was good.

Upon returning home, I find the carpets of the entire house soaking wet and wettest point was in my bedroom. I was wondering what the hell happened because in my room even my photos hung on the wall got wet.

Turned out there was 2 sources of leakages, first leakage was the washing machine, the washer drainage system was buggered and the water somehow or rather was not going down. The entire floor was wet. That also caused some of my books to get buggered.

Then the other part was the rain has exposed a leaky roof due to the horrendous wind storms we been having. Damn all my pictures are gone. Thankfully the laptop was not in the room or that too would have gone. Even my bed is all wet.......sigh.

Today will have to sleep somewhere else till my bed dries out, they better fix this stuff up.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

So warm it is, 1 week off.

Another tough week came and went. Worked 6 days and on average 10 hours a day. I am officially horrendously exhausted.

Next week the classes at uni starts and that will mean more work for everyone involved as scheduling becomes even more impossible and finding people becomes a major challenge.

I have decided not to continue for this year. It is time for a year off for me as I feel I need to look after my health issues, intermittent chest pains and the high blood pressure seems to be taking a piece of me everyday bit by bit. Thankfully the chest pains turns out to be related to breathing issues due to nose and sinus blockage rather than anything coronary related.

The Alfa is giving problems again, the starter motor had completely gone and since I have no intention of replacing it I have just opted to park the car on slopes or jump start it. I actually sold the battery which was fairly new a few days ago.

Since I got a whole week off, I have decided to rent a car and do some traveling around.

Yesterday for the first time I explored a lil more of southern Tasmania, around Dover and Hastings. I finally discovered that after Hounville there are actually little to no places to eat. Usually anything available tend to be some shitty deep fried fish and chippies shop.

The Hyundai Getz which I rented ain't a bad car, but I finally realized why it just never caught on in more developed countries. For the most part, this car is rather wallowy in ride and it is not exactly a spirited drive. Gearshift is vague and rubbery, and well for the most part it fits the typical korean crap car impression I tend to have for most Korean built products.

Hastings has an impressive cave which is well worth a visit if you are into this type of outdoor activities.

The other thing that is really worth looking at is the steam train if you are an enthusiast. Personally I love this type of stuff.

Today am doing another trip down south, going to explore a lil more here and there. Hopefully do some fishing as well.

Damn I can't wait to get out of the house as it sure is getting hot again.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hobart in the summers.

Summer season is here, it is hot, it is humid and at nights it is cold though every now and then it is muggy.

I generally do not like summers that much even during my days in USA I preferred those cool days of spring and the balmy autumn weather far more than summers. But my favourite season has always been winter.

Summers I have never liked, you may say that I should be used to it since I hail from Malaysia. Yes that is true, but in cooler climates your homes as well as buildings generally do not have any air conditioning and the buildings tend to be better suited for the hot climate. In cold countries homes tend to be built in such a way that the heat needs to be retained.

My bedroom as it faces west tend to get the hot evening sun. I really DO need an aircond but that is out of the question.

Today however it is a bit rainy, which is good. Water restriction has set in already.

Weekend off is such a luxury.

So whats been new lately?

Well not a whole lot, still working like crazy.

I finally got myself a car, it is a 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta. It was a cheap deal that I couldn't resist only AU$400 and it still had 7 months rego left on it. Rust is definitely a problem with this car, it will need new floor boards soon. I will just drive this thing till it drops and well I must say I have driven nearly everywhere with this car already :D

Virtually all of southern Tasmania I have been to already.

I always wanted an Alfa, and finally I have one. The sound of that dual cam engine roaring away each time you floor it is just unbelievable. Now if only it had an airconditioner. The starter motor is on it's way out, there are a few things that I need doing to this car as it is a tired one having covered nearly 350k km already. Amazingly it still can do 110km/h or so and stop within reasonable distance. Fuel economy is not this car's strong point though.

Yesterday had a few too many to drink. Was at Isobar till the wee hours of the morning and then a stop at Mykonos for a late snack. Gosh it was rough.

Now that the internet is connected and it is good too.

Been downloading Prison Break Season 2 and thats the series I been keeping up with.

Headed out to the market now, as it is Saturday and it is time to go see the Salamanca Market and see how is it like in the summers. Plus could do with a meal as well.

Friday, February 9, 2007

New toy today.

Heh got a new toy today.

The N70 after a year of abuses is slowly starting to act up here and there.

Decided it was time to get a new phone, originally thought of getting the Sony Ericsson P990i but at close to AU$1800 for the handset, the budget just doesn't stretch that far.

So what did I get instead?

Decided that the phone must have 3G capability and at least a 2MP camera like the N70 and it must not be made by a Korean company.

Finally after some testing around, decided to take the N80 for the sole reason that it exceeded the specifications that I wanted and it also had the WiFi capability, not that I was after that capability though :P

Opted for the black as been having the silver for the N70 and thought it was time to get away from silver stuff for a while.

So far nothing to be disappointed with it, reception is good, the data is quite fast. But sadly trying for any WiFi hotspots is not the easiest thing in the world around Hobart.

Anyhow the phone works well.

What am I going to do with the N70, well it is not yet condemned so I reckon it must still worth a few pennies here and there.

Will see what happens when I head back to KL.. more than likely will just give it to Dana and let her use it.