Sunday, February 25, 2007

So warm it is, 1 week off.

Another tough week came and went. Worked 6 days and on average 10 hours a day. I am officially horrendously exhausted.

Next week the classes at uni starts and that will mean more work for everyone involved as scheduling becomes even more impossible and finding people becomes a major challenge.

I have decided not to continue for this year. It is time for a year off for me as I feel I need to look after my health issues, intermittent chest pains and the high blood pressure seems to be taking a piece of me everyday bit by bit. Thankfully the chest pains turns out to be related to breathing issues due to nose and sinus blockage rather than anything coronary related.

The Alfa is giving problems again, the starter motor had completely gone and since I have no intention of replacing it I have just opted to park the car on slopes or jump start it. I actually sold the battery which was fairly new a few days ago.

Since I got a whole week off, I have decided to rent a car and do some traveling around.

Yesterday for the first time I explored a lil more of southern Tasmania, around Dover and Hastings. I finally discovered that after Hounville there are actually little to no places to eat. Usually anything available tend to be some shitty deep fried fish and chippies shop.

The Hyundai Getz which I rented ain't a bad car, but I finally realized why it just never caught on in more developed countries. For the most part, this car is rather wallowy in ride and it is not exactly a spirited drive. Gearshift is vague and rubbery, and well for the most part it fits the typical korean crap car impression I tend to have for most Korean built products.

Hastings has an impressive cave which is well worth a visit if you are into this type of outdoor activities.

The other thing that is really worth looking at is the steam train if you are an enthusiast. Personally I love this type of stuff.

Today am doing another trip down south, going to explore a lil more here and there. Hopefully do some fishing as well.

Damn I can't wait to get out of the house as it sure is getting hot again.

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