Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Working at a fruit orchard.

This will definitely rank as one of the hardest jobs I have ever performed.

The job itself is in Sorrell and primarily it is a place where they plant cherries and apricots.

My job is sometimes to work on the harvesting of the cherries and every now and then to oversee the packaging where sorting and packing happens.

I enjoy most is the sorting as you get to keep a sharp eye on stuff.

Harvesting ranks low on the list as I end up eating more cherries rather than putting them in the basket for packing. :D :D :D

I don't think I will be into eating any cherries or apricots for awhile after this.

Damn new house still don't have internet access gets a bit difficult I must say as I am a lil lost and with the new home being rather far away it is a bit tiring to get to uni to go online.

Anyways hope to write more later.