Wednesday, January 31, 2007

3 Days OFF!!

Gosh work is really killing these days. Sometimes I wonder what the heck is the meaning of this. I wake up at 4 each morning I am on duty, drive as if I am in rally often breaking all the speed limit laws to get to work then do a job till all my energy is gone then I go home.

At home I have a quick bite then I doze off for a couple of hours, then I wake up cook dinner and the next day's lunch and mess around the house here and there and go to bed and the day starts again.

Since the start of this week I have been given supervisory powers, which means I get to scold those goons who don't work up to standard, I must say every now and then I do enjoy it as well.

But enough about work already.

Tomorrow is 3 days off, today went for a medical check up, blood pressure is still rather high, weight is down. I did my enrollment for next semester today. But somehow I feel that I should take a break, maybe a year off would do me good.

But will see if that is possible or not before I make such decisions.

Now that I have 3 days off, what do you think I will be doing?

Well today I did my grocery shopping for the next 2 weeks.

Tomorrow I will get some rest. I am gonna sleep in and not worry about waking up.

The day after I reckon I will go look for a car. Then at night will go for a good dinner and then head for a clubbing session.

The final day off I hope to maybe go out of town.

Anyways that is all that can be written for now, need to jet as the lab is closing.

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