Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year

It has been that time of the year again.

Christmas came and went just like that.

For xmas we had a rather interesting time, had a bbq session which was well a little too cold as it was raining non stop for much of the day and trying to get the coals going was rather difficult. But it happened and it was good.

Did not really buy any gifts for anyone this year as am a lil tight on funds and in reality don't believe in buying gifts.

But it ain't too bad today. Yesterday was New Years, a bunch of us just cooked and had some drinks at home while waiting for the fireworks to go off.

After that we made our way to the city and had some fun and back home and finished up our drinks over some game of cards.

Won nearly $300 from blackjack. Not bad consider I just borrowed $40 from my housemate since I had no cash on me that night. Blame it on beginners luck.

It is still freaking cold considering it is supposed to be summer.

Anyhow tomorrow I start a new job, though wish I could have a lil longer break.

Will start working for a salmon producer. But every day it is gonna be a 1 hour journey to get to work.

Guess time online is gonna be on the barest minimum as there still does not exist any internet access at home.

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