Thursday, March 22, 2007

Operation Clean Up Gardens.

The exterior of the townhouse has started to become a total mess lately.

Much of the garden work I did has somewhat overgrown to be a forest like environment. Then there is the weeds which seems to be an everlasting and enduring problem around here.

First step is to get that weeds taken care off.

The first 2 flower beds aren't too difficult, just do some smart placing of the plants and repotting should do the trick.

The back possess a different problem all together.

BUT for now I will concentrate on the front.

Changing the pond to a bigger one will be the main priority. Then instead of soil surfaces will move towards mulch based surfaces. The idea will be plentiful but minimalist. No more bushy hedges, just clean neat greens.

The first flower bed, decided to change it to be palms and some general ferns with this money plants hanging on top.

Second flower bed opted to retain the general bamboo them with pine and various ferns to be hanging down. Soil area to prevent the weeds will be purely pebbled up. Now I hope there is enough pebbles around.

It will be a slow project though which I am sure would only be finished sometime when it is nearing my time to jet set again.

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