Sunday, April 1, 2007

A short weekend away : Cameron Highlands.

Been rather tired lately, especially with the heat of the sun and also constant gardening which just doesn't seem to stop.

Decided to go out of town for a bit, just for that much needed break.

Needed some cool clean air for a bit. Usually it will mean one of the highland resorts. Guess this time it is not too different.

Cameron Highlands it is again. Drove up on Friday afternoon and arrived just before dinner and in time for a round of scone and cream. Staying again at the usual joint at this place called Cameronian Inn, it is a decent place. Fairly clean, decently priced and for the most part quite convenient to move about as it is in the smack of Tanah Rata. Plenty of food nearby and even in the Inn itself you can get food, but I would recommend going for a walk to the town centre for a better variety..

Friday night our usual joint called OK TUCK in Brinchang was closed, so we decided to try for some KFC. I suggest you give it the wide berth next time. I know I will be.

Saturday, got up to a late start as usual. But still had some time to do some sight seeing. Started out at this cafe called Uncle Chows, in the new shop lots in Tanah Rata. This place is opened by a retired couple from KL. Most things are quite good. Prices are reasonable for the quality you are getting. Then it was to KHM Strawberry Farm in Kampung Sedia. It is a nice place to have ice blended strawberry juice. I like mine with no sugar :)

After that it was the trip to the peak, it is called Gunung Brinchang. It is exactly 666.6 feet above sea level. Basically this is the highest point of this highlands. Normally it is a very peaceful place to be. But this time there seemed to be some gathering here by some government agency. Place became a nightmare :(

But as always the drive up here is nice. It is not difficult to do, even if you have a small engined vehicle like a Kancil. Just make sure it is well maintained, especially the cooling system. The roads aren't the best, that much I can tell you as there are HUGE potholes on the way up.

Dinner, was a quick trip to OK TUCK for my steamboat. Somehow I love to have steamboat here. In reality it is nothing special. Just the cold weather makes it taste better or rather the heat does not aggravate you as much. However their vegetable dishes tend to be better. In my opinion that is.

Sunday the same ole usual thing.

Then it was home.

Good weekend. Next trip will be less than 3 weeks time. Destination has already been decided, in fact trip has already been paid for.

You will be hearing about it soon enough

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